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People are everything

 To prevent opioid deaths and save lives. We hope to be able to spread out our methods of connecting, educating and empowering neighborhoods to multiply redemption in their own neighborhood!

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Neighborhoods are Communities and together we build them!

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Our vision is to  see each of these 3 parts of the community  work as one in neighborhoods throughout the state.

  1. Residents

  2. Business Owners

  3. The Unhoused

Communities have the largest impact on the health and vitality of a neighborhood, and yet we often struggle to come together for the common good of everyone. Usually, we are not fully aware of how other groups are affected by what happens in the neighborhood. We see the same problems hurting all of us, but don't know how we can come together to help. Sometimes, the relationships between us are even marked by antagonism, suspicion, and aggression. 

The most powerful resources in any neighborhood are its people, so that's where we start.

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