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Meet the team

Jeanette Arnds-Founder

Jeanette is a Phoenix native, proud wife and mother, and dedicated Jesus-follower.


Our team has been working together to serve Phoenix neighborhoods for awhile, but the story of Redeem Neighborhoods began when Jeanette decided she needed to do something for her own neighborhood in Laveen. 

Jeanette dreams of seeing Redeem Neighborhoods multiply this model and bring neighborhoods together across the U.S. Bringing hope to all who feel hopeless in communities.  

Jeanette's personal story is also pretty incredible. 

Jeanett's story

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Melissa Araiza Hubert-Co/Founder

Melissa grew up in South Phoenix and loves her family, mentoring youth, music, and making poetry.  Melissa is a current director of outreach and deacon at Redemption Alhambra and works as a youth educator and mentor at Cesar Chavez High School. Melissa is also passionate for increasing access to mental health support, advocating for victims of domestic violence, and mobilizing people to take ownership over the political process for the long term betterment of local communities. You can learn more about Melissa's story here. 

Melissa's Story

Sylvia Hokey

Board of director

Sylvia grew up in Tiplersville Mississippi. Sylvia loves to travel, especially to Europe. She enjoys creating home cooked meals and serving her community with her southern hospitality. Her heart to care for her family has led her to a passion of helping people who need a voice.


She uses her passion of advocacy to help people to find the resources they need to reach their potential in life. She believes every person deserves access to healthcare, education and the resources they need to enter the work force. Sylvia is always ready to champion anyone whether rich or poor, young or old, able or disabled! To see others succeed brings her great joy!

sylvia team pic.jpg

Teddy Arnds


Teddy was born in Colorado and a Bronco at heart. He grew up in Ahwatukee Arizona since early elementary school.


Teddy's heart for his community is bigger than his booming voice! You will always find Teddy serving others and physically getting his "hands dirty" He is Cesar Chavez voice of the Champions! He loves to bring joy to others and displays that with his many dad jokes! He is a father to many and shares his fathers heart.

Teddy hopes that the work he does in the community is a direct reflection of his heavenly fathers heart. He is motivated by Christ to love thy neighbor.  To display kindness and mercy to all. 

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