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Meet the team

Jeanette Arnds-Founder

Jeanette is a Phoenix native, proud wife and mother, and dedicated Jesus-follower.


Our team has been working together to serve Phoenix neighborhoods for awhile, but the story of Redeem Neighborhoods began when Jeanette decided she needed to do something for her own neighborhood in Laveen. 

Jeanette dreams of seeing Redeem Neighborhoods multiply this model and bring neighborhoods together across the U.S. Bringing hope to all who feel hopeless in communities.  

Jeanette's personal story is also pretty incredible. 

Jeanette's story


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Teddy Arnds


Teddy was born in Colorado and a Bronco at heart. He grew up in Ahwatukee Arizona since early elementary school.


Teddy's heart for his community is bigger than his booming voice! You will always find Teddy serving others and physically getting his "hands dirty" He is Cesar Chavez voice of the Champions! He loves to bring joy to others and displays that with his many dad jokes! He is a father to many and shares his fathers heart.

Teddy hopes that the work he does in the community is a direct reflection of his heavenly fathers heart. He is motivated by Christ to love thy neighbor.  To display kindness and mercy to all. 

Joi Whitley


Joi, a native of Jacksonville, Florida, is a proud Floridian with a background in Biological Studies from Arizona State University and ongoing eduction. Eager to explore her passion for numbers and specializing in finance. Joi's fascination with taxes grew, shaping her primary goal of supporting people of color and other minority groups facing challenges due to a lack of tax education.

Joi is dedicated to bridging this educational gap, aspiring to empower communities through financial education and contribute her financial expertise to the initiatives of Redeem Neighborhoods.

Residing in Laveen, Joi is intricately woven into her local community. She has personally witnessed the devastating impact of the opioid epidemic, having experienced the loss of loved ones. Driven by these poignant experiences, Joi is resolute in her commitment to give back to her community in multifaceted ways.

Carlos Grimaldo

Board of Director

Carlos, a native of Miami, Florida, is a first-generation American born to Colombian parents. His passions include music, family, and spreading laughter, creating an atmosphere where joy prevails. Known for bringing a smile to everyone's face, Carlos is dedicated to bringing joy to communities that are often overshadowed by sorrow.

Having faced personal struggles with addiction and brokenness, Carlos emerged stronger and now strives to help others. Recognizing the impact of the opioid pandemic on Arizona communities, Carlos felt compelled to contribute to a cause that unites communities and addresses the challenges brought about by this crisis.

As a board member, Carlos brings a unique perspective and a heartfelt commitment to supporting an organization that aims to bring different parts of the community together, fostering mutual support and service. His personal journey fuels his dedication to creating positive change and uplifting those in need within the community.

Charity Tovar

Board of Director

Charity, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, brings a dynamic background to the board. Beyond her professional role as owner of Charity's Plumbing Solutions, she carries a unique and adventurous past as a former player in women's flat track roller derby. This experience reflects her tenacity and commitment to pushing boundaries.

Charity is not only a business professional but also an active community member. Her passion for youth development is evident in her involvement with local high schools. Through partnerships with youth service clubs, Charity encourages students to participate in community efforts and events, instilling in them the importance of healthy and sustainable engagement.

As a member of "Redeem of Neighborhoods," Charity demonstrates her commitment to outreach and community connection. Her goal is to unify the community by building bridges and fostering connections that contribute to a healthier, more vibrant society. Charity's multifaceted background and dedication to youth and community engagement make her a valuable asset to the board.

Melissa hubert

Melissa, originally from South Phoenix, is a dedicated youth educator and mentor at Cesar Chavez High School. Though she has moved on from the organization, Melissa played a crucial role as a co-founder of Redeem Neighborhoods, significantly contributing to its establishment.

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