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power of support

We are a hands on, boots on the ground team



Looking to connect?

Here are many ways you can!

You can start by having discussions in your community and with us.

Participate in our neighborhood resource events


Invite youth to participate in pro-social community service that enhances community bonds!

Be a partner and collaborate together for greater change.

Support by donating to aid into Redeeming Neighborhoods together.

Invite us out to provide a Education and Awareness training regarding the Fentanyl crisis, vaping misuse among the youth, and other educational awareness related to substance misuse among youth.

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More Well-Connected:

We are not just trying to foster connections, but connections that are well—where trust and mutual flourishing can happen.

Donors, Sponsor's and Partners 

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Support  by donating below or email us how you would like to become a sponsor.
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