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business community

Want to see your neighborhood change for the better?

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Businesses are a vital part of the community
In Laveen we have a Business Alliance!

We are not just trying to foster connections, but connections that are well—where trust and mutual flourishing can happen because people know one another, and care together about their neighborhood.

    2. Businesses, Organizations, Schools, Churches ect.

Healthier connections between people lead to healthier spaces and better access to resources. People become more involved and responsible for keeping places clean and sanitary. Neighbors become invested in each other's well being. Businesses, local church ministries, schools, organizations bringing in their own efforts and support by working together to arrive at solutions for the health of their neighborhood.

This leads to neighborhoods which are safer, more well-connected, and healthier for the flourishing of all.

Our local business have suffered from the loitering on their properties due to the increase of unhoused and fentanyl addiction. Businesses have supported one another and their communities by providing their own services, merchandise, time and even financial support. 

City joins in their efforts to support organizations and the community. 

Redeem Neighborhoods has assisted our local business by offering community clean ups on their property including power washing. 

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